Open Classes: Cross-Bred Dairy

Our Mini LaMancha, Phoebe, was entered in the cross bred dairy category and did well! She earned 1st Place for Cross Bred Dairy, Birth and under 5 months and Junior Champion Cross-Bred Dairy.

Open Classes: LaMancha

Toadsknoll Black Merlin (“Misty”) was dry this year as a 3 year old, so though she’s a beautiful girl and did great for our son in showmanship and fitting, she couldn’t compete against the freshened does in the open classes.

Toadsknoll Prairie Falcon (“Luna”) was a first freshener this year and though we are extremely pleased with her, she was beat out by a very deserving doe that bumped her to second place. One bit of feedback the judge gave us was that she’d like to see a bit more teat length, so that’s one thing we’ll be looking at for our planned breeding this fall. We hope to also see improved capacity with her second freshening next year!

Open Classes: Nigerian Dwarf

Unfortunately, there was only one other exhibitor that brought Nigerian Dwarfs, so it was primarily the does in our herd competing against each other this year. It was still a nice opportunity to get our girls in front of a judge to hear what points she liked best and where we can improve this fall in our breeding plans.

We earned many blue ribbons with our Nigerians this year, and rosettes for Junior Champion (Sundaze Farm Dotty), Senior Champion (Sundaze Farm Maizey), and Grand Champion (Sundaze Farm Maizey).

4-H/FFA Classes

Ben won trophies for Junior Fitter and Junior Showman this year with his primary 4-H project goat, Toadsknoll Black Merlin (“Misty”).

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