This has been a challenging year in terms of getting our entire herd bred. I don’t know if it has been the weather, bad luck, or some other mystery variable, but it seems ours isn’t the only farm that has experienced a weird year for breeding goats.

We had success early in the season with a couple of our Nigerians; Candy and Maizey were both bred to Hills of Highland Eyrie Moon and are expecting in late-March or early-April. We believed Reese was also bred at this time, till recently when our newest buck, *B Bramblestone CQ Tiger Tea, took an interest in her. Now we’re anticipating babies from Reese and Tiger in June.

Our LaManchas have been particularly difficult to breed this year. We started in early fall trying to pair them with our largest Nigerian Dwarf buck, Hills of Highland Dornish Sun. He was far too timid and our girls pushed him around. In December, we took Misty and Luna to visit a friend’s Alpine buck. We were confident they had been bred and brought them home later that month.

Imagine my surprise when both Misty and Luna came into estrus again on January 1st. I managed to catch Luna in standing heat and paired her with Tiger Tea; twenty-five days later I haven’t seen her come back into heat and the bucks are showing no interest in her, so I’m hopeful that she may be bred to have Mini LaManchas!

(Unfortunately, it could also just mean that we’re getting to the end of the breeding season for full-sized dairy goats and that she won’t come into heat again till next fall.)

Misty, on the other hand, did come back into heat, this time on January 23. We paired her with Tiger Tea also, but we aren’t 100% confident yet.

We plan to do blood draws for annual biosecurity testing in late February and may do pregnancy tests on the LaManchas as well to confirm whether these latest breedings were successful.

If you are interested in seeing more information about our planned kiddings, or want to reserve a kid, see our 2019 Kidding page.

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