In true 2020-fashion, our breeding season has been an absolute mess. You’d think, with us being home all day, every day (working remotely), that it would be easier. But oh no… our girls had other plans. Of the NINE does being bred this year for 2021 kids, I’m only confident about the dates for TWO. (Sigh.)

You can find all the details of our planned breedings here on our 2021 kidding schedule page.

Sundaze Farm Cookies-n-Cream was our first doe bred on November 1. She’s bred to Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn and her due date is March 26, 2021. This will be her second freshening. We adored the little buckling she produced last year, and I’m really hoping for a doe or two from her this year.

Our second doe bred was Sundaze Farm Maizey, again to Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn. Maizey is due April 3, 2021. Maizey is one of our best Nigerian milkers, so I’m happy she is bred. This will be her 4th freshening.

My stubborn-but-lovable LaMancha, Toadsknoll Prairie Falcon was bred November 8 and has a due date of April 7, 2021 — or at least, I think so. Prarie Falcon (aka “Luna”) has been cuddling up to our buck, Pascal, even after I witnessed her being bred several times. I’m not sure if the pregnancy didn’t settle, or if she’s just being a flirt.

That leaves…

Maplewood Hill Top Candy, Maplewood Hill Top Reese, and Sundaze Farm TR Popcorn (Nigerians) penned with Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn. They’ve been with Bumble since mid-November and everyone is getting along, but I haven’t witnessed any of them being bred. I’m hoping they’re just being stealthy. I’m particularly excited for Popcorn’s first freshening, so I really hope she was bred!

For the LaManchas/Mini LaManchas, Sundaze Farm TPF Phoebe and Toadsknoll Black Merlin are penned with Casa de Tortuga Pascal. If Phoebe is bred, it will be her second freshening. Black Merlin (aka “Misty”) is now 4 years old and has yet to be bred. For the most part, that’s been because I haven’t had a buck readily available when she was in heat, but now I’m starting to just think she can’t be bred. Pascal has bred her sister (Prairie Falcon) twice, so I’m really hoping it will work out this year.

Finally, we have Kanai Farm Aelin penned with our little Sundaze Farm PPF The One Who Knocks (“Walter”). Walter is young (born August 2020), so it’s possible he may not be up to task quite yet. I may pull Aelin and put her with Pascal for the remainder of December, January, and February to see if she comes in heat.

Part of me wishes I could do a blood draw (I’m not comfortable doing this myself yet) or borrow an ultrasound machine to find out who is bred, but with COVID still being a big issue, linear appraisals being put on hold, shows being up in the air, and some major events anticipated for our family next summer, it seems like 2021 may just be a year where we take it a little slower.

I’m still hoping for lots of healthy kids in the spring, and I’m still looking forward to milking, but I’m leaning toward taking the year off from milk testing, shows, etc. There’s always 2022, right?!