Our farm, 2021

Hello from Sundaze Farm!

– est. 2015 –

Our farm began (like many do) with a few backyard chickens. It wasn’t long before we decided to move to a house with a barn and more acreage so we could expand!

Our herd began with two Nigerian Dwarf does and has expanded over the years to also include LaManchas and Mini LaManchas. At this time, we’re currently raising ADGA-registered Nigerian Dwarfs and a few MDGA-registered Mini LaManchas. Our breeding program focuses on solid conformation and milk production. 

We joined the ADGA Plus program in 2020, but we are taking the year off in 2021 because we’re expecting a baby in July! We’re very much looking forward to getting back to showing, linear appraisal, and the 305-day milk test in 2022!

How it began…

My first experience with goats was when I was 5 or 6 years old. My great uncle regularly took me to The Farmer’s Inn located in Sigel, PA, near our family’s camp in the Allegheny Forest. At that time, they had a large petting zoo with lots of goats. In the springtime, they would let you pay-per-bottle to feed the kids. My uncle always had a knack for being able to show up right at closing time when the babies were all needing to be fed before they closed for the night. He’d chat with whoever was running the attraction, and for the price of 1 or 2 bottles, they’d give me entire crate of baby bottles to feed to the kids.

Needless to say, I was delighted.

It may have taken 30+ years, but I’m finally getting to build my own dream-herd. You’ll frequently find me in my “happy place”, sitting in the middle of the pasture with our goats browsing all around. I love watching them and they never fail to make me smile when they spot me and come running over for scratches and attention!

Amanda (22 weeks pregnant) holding one of her other “kids”,   Sundaze Farm BR Trixie

Our family, Christmas 2020

The whole Sundaze Farm family (Christmas 2020) – Mike, Amanda, Ben & Myles

Our Family

I’ve been so lucky to have a family that’s super supportive and helpful with our goats! 

My partner Mike, while a “city-boy” at heart, has had my back with everything from hauling hay to administering CD&T shots. He’s also our “kid-whisperer” and can get even the most stubborn babies started on bottles when they won’t accept one from anyone else!

Our sons Ben and Myles both participate in 4-H showing goats and have done an awesome job in past years! They are also an enormous help with barn chores and caring for kids every spring.

We’re expecting a daughter in July 2021, and I’m hoping she’ll be just as goat-crazy as her mama one day!

Mandi and Cookie, both 5 months pregnant

Amanda and Sundaze Farm Cookies-n-Cream, both 5 months along! (March 2021)

Ben showing Misty at his 4-H roundup in 2019

Ben showing Misty at 4-H roundup in 2019

Myles showing Daisy at 4-H roundup, 2018

Myles showing Daisy at 4-H roundup, 2018