Phoebe's triplets, 2021

Our second set of triplets was born last week, at about 1:00 AM on April 26th. (What a way to start the work-week–sleep deprived!) It was a very good thing that I happened to be awake and noticed on our barn-cams that she was starting to push because the first of the three babies was positioned incorrectly.

I was greeted with a bubble containing a wagging tail, which while adorable, was certainly NOT what I wanted to see coming first! (Pro Tip: even in daylight, it’s handy to have a bright flashlight to shine on the bubble when it emerges so you can get a clear picture of what you’re dealing with!) The kid’s bum/tail was presented first with the rear legs tucked back in. Typically in this position, your best course of action is to push the baby back in and try to reposition it so that you can get a rear leg (or both rear legs) coming out first. In Phoebe’s case, I had to go in and hook my fingers around the rear legs to provide some traction, and then she was able to push him out bum-first.

Phoebe's breech baby, 2021

Thankfully kids two and three were positioned properly. Kid three in particular came out so fast I barely had enough time to help dry off his older brother before he was on the ground!

In the end, we ended up with three happy, healthy little bucklings that will be available to good homes as pet wethers!

N8 Mini LaMancha, 1 day oldN8 – Chocolate Buckskin

N9 Mini LaMancha, 1 day oldN9 – Black & tan buckskin

N10 Mini LaMancha, 1 day oldN10 – Brown with black dorsal stripe