As always, Ms. Candy kept me guessing right up till the last minute. This is her sixth freshening (fifth since we have owned her) and once again, I missed her birth. I had been guessing for several days that she would kid soon, but she never shows strong signs of labor. To be on the safe side, I had been penning her up at night in a kidding stall, just in case. I’m glad that I did, because sometime between about 5 and 7 AM on Wednesday morning, she gave birth to these two adorable flashy kids…

Candy's twins, 2021

N6, the darker of the two (on the left) is a buckling. N7, the lighter (on the right) is a doeling. I’m completely enamored with these two and they’re going to be VERY hard to sell! I keep telling myself that I’m NOT going to retain any kids this year! (Anyone else have this problem?!)

We’ll be watching over the next several weeks to see how this little boy (above) develops before we determine if we’ll offer him as an intact, ADGA-registered buckling or as a wether to a pet home.

And of course another shot of the little girl (above) – because she’s just TOO cute!