Oh dear, sweet Reese… WHY do you always do this to me? I said I wasn’t going to retain any kids this year.

Reese's twins, 2021

On Monday morning at about 9am, Reese decided to give us gorgeous polled twins. The firstborn (N11) was a doe, and the second (N12) a buckling. Both are polled, like their mama.

thought the doe was black with a white poll, till I got her out in the sunlight…

N11, showing off her moonspots

Is she not a little stunner!? I know I said that I wasn’t going to retain any kids this year, but I simply can’t resist. As they say, “moonspots don’t put milk in the bucket” but I think she’s worth keeping to see how she fills out over the coming months!

Not to be outdone, her brother is a handsome lil’ fella as well.