Expanding our Mini LaMancha Herd

Written by Amanda

March 11, 2020

If you follow us on social media (and if you’re not – why aren’t you?!) you know that we have struggled again this year to get our LaManchas bred. Our little Nigerian Buck, Bumble, did his best but simply wasn’t tall enough to get the job done. We haven’t been quite ready to take on a full size LaMancha buck, but when this handsome fellow came a long, I couldn’t resist!  

Meet Pascal

Casa de Tortuga Pascal is an F4 (4th generation) American Mini LaMancha. You can see his pedigree and more information on his page here. He is registered with both the Miniature Dairy Goat Association and The Miniature Goat Registry. He’s just slightly smaller than our American LaMancha does, Misty and Luna.

I knew we were down to the wire to get the LaManchas bred this year. Misty had been in heat February 13 and Luna on February 17th. I was hoping to catch one more heat cycle. 

We brought home Pascal on Sunday, and the next day Luna went into heat and Pascal bred her! We are THRILLED! Of course, we still have to see if the pregnancy takes, but we are hopeful that we might have more Mini LaManchas in early August.

Meet Aelin

The woman that sold Pascal to us was downsizing her herd and asked us if we’d also be interested in a doe. Aelin caught my eye and she followed us home as well. 

Kanai Farm Aelin is an F1 (first generation) Experimental Mini LaMancha. She has gorgeous blue eyes and the sweetest, most gentle disposition you could ever ask for! There’s a chance she may be bred, so we’ll be having her tested to find out!

She’s also in milk at the moment and has long teats that are SO easy to milk! I’m hoping she’ll pass along that teat length so we can add that to our Mini LaMancha genetics!

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