The first kids born in 2020 officially arrived on the farm on April 2nd, one day past their due date. Their dam is our son’s first 4-H project goat, Maplewood Hilltop Reese. Their sire is Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn. Reese continued her consistent streak of producing polled kids, which thrilled us! Two polled doelings, no less! What a fantastic way to kick off kidding season!


The first girl born (M1) is pictured above on the left. She’s a dark buckskin with heavy white markings, a white poll, and frosted ears and nose. The second girl born (M2) is pictured above on the right. She’s also a dark buckskin with fewer white markings than her sister, and frosted ears. Both girls are polled and have brown eyes.

For those of you who may be interested, here’s a video of the birth. (Warning: It is a little graphic, but educational!)


Our next due dates are Maizey x Bumble on April 9, Candy x Bumble on April 12, and Cookie x Bumble on April 16. Keep an eye on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) and our 2020 kidding page for updates!