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The gift-giving season is rapidly approaching, and if you’ve made your way to this website, it’s highly likely you have at least one goat lover on your list. If you’re stumped on what to get them, I have you covered! Listed below are 27 goat-themed gift ideas ranging from practical to super silly.

Pascal, the Christmas Goat

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Practical & Useful Gifts for Goat Lovers

These serrated hoof trimmers from Premier 1 are a bit of an investment, but they are by far the best ones I’ve ever owned. They stay sharp and cut through even the thickest hooves!

This 1-gallon stainless steel milk can comes highly recommended from a friend of mine, and it is one of the top items on MY wishlist this year. (Mom, are you reading this? *hint hint*)

It might seem boring and practical, but I know I go through several cans of Fight Bac every milking season, so it never hurts to stock up.

A winter beanie hat with a built-in headlamp is perfect for all those late-night barn checks.

This flashlight/lantern is rechargeable and can even act as a power bank to charge your phone. Imagine how handy this would be for late nights during kidding season!

Andis UltraEdge is a great set of budget-friendly clippers. We’ve had our set for 4 years and they’re still going strong. Or how about some fresh blades? 4FC for the body, 10 for the legs, 40 for the udder

Fun Gifts for Goat Lovers

This cute sign might be a good reminder to visitors at your farm this holiday season!

This throw blanket is super soft and colorful. (I received one of these as a gift and can attest to just how snuggly it is!)

I think most of us are at least 2 goats past normal and we could probably use to drink more water. 

Tote your goat – and anything goat-related – in this bag.

Start your morning with some goat-themed optimism on this coffee mug. There are also some more vulgar options if you’re not a morning person (like me).

Let everyone know just what kind of farmer you are with this hat

Goat Books and Learning

I own a lot of goat books. Every time a new one comes out, I buy it. When people ask what book I recommend most for beginners it is always Raising Goats Naturally by Deborah Niemann.

Not much of a reader? Then give the gift of online learning with Deborah Niemann’s Thrifty Homesteader Academy classes.

I’ve purchased several of these courses and can’t recommend them enough.

Get started making your own cheese with this beginner cheesemaking book.

Goat Gift Ideas for Ladies

These Sloggers boots are available in blue or green with the goat pattern. If boots aren’t your thing, they’re also available in a garden clog style.

Socks are almost always a safe bet. Who doesn’t need a pair of goat socks?!

I feel like this t-shirt is pretty self-explanatory.

Goat Gift Ideas for Men

Movie buffs will no doubt appreciate this t-shirt.

I got my son this shirt a few years back and he thought it was hilarious. 

Goat drinking glasses for your favorite whiskey … or (goat) milk and Oreos. You decide.

Goat Gift Ideas for Children & Babies

I received the Baby Goat Finger Puppet Book as a baby shower gift and it is so adorable.

This has to be the cutest baby goat stuffie ever.

Let your baby teethe on a goat kid! (I mean, goat kids chew on everything too…)

Keep your head warm AND show off your favorite farm critter with this adorable goat hat.

These goat pajamas are available in toddler and children’s sizes.

Because you never know when you might need an emergency goat.