sundaze farm kidding


When do you breed your goats?

We typically breed our goats the last week of October through December. Goat gestation is about 145-150 days (or about 5 months), so that means our goats usually give birth in late March through May. We time it this way because we don’t want it to be too cold or too hot when our babies are born.

Do you dam-raise or bottle-feed your kids?

We have done both in the past with good success, but we have settled on bottle-feeding our kids most of the time. We keep newborn kids with their dam for about 2 days after birth so that they can get colostrum directly from their mother. After that, we separate the kids and put them in a pen with other kids of similar age.

Do you sell bottle-baby kids?

No. Typically, we do not allow kids to leave our farm until they are 10-12 weeks old and either completely weaned or down to 1 bottle a day. We want to be sure all our goats have a good, healthy start before they go to a new home.

On a limited, case-by-case basis we may consider selling a started bottle baby (at least 2 weeks old) to an experienced home only. 

How much do your kids cost?

For spring 2021 our general pricing guidelines are as follows:

  • ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf or LaMancha does and bucks start at $350.
  • MDGA registered Mini LaMancha does and bucks start at $225.
  • All non-registerable does (any breed) are $225
  • All non-registerable bucks will be castrated and sold as wethers.
  • All wethers (any breed) are $150.

Registerable does and bucks (ADGA or MDGA) will come with signed pedigree papers. Transfer costs are not included in the price of the animal and are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Future pricing may change based on show results, linear appraisals, or DHIR milk testing results.

When purchasing a goat from us, we require a $50 deposit to hold the kid. The balance is owed before your new goat leaves our farm. You can read more about this in our sales policy.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, we do! Click here to add yourself to our waiting list. Also, be sure to thoroughly read through our sales policy.

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