It’s mid-April and the bulk of our 2020 kidding season has come to a close! We had four Nigerian Dwarf does kid over the last two and a half weeks, and we have six adorable babies from them! We plan to retain one doe that will become my younger son’s project animal. The remaining kids will be offered to people on our waiting list, in order. If you’re at the top of the list, expect to hear from us by mid-May. We like to be sure the kids are healthy and growing well before we accept any deposits on them!



First up are M1 – Zyna (left) and M2 – Trixie (right), born on April 2, 2020. These twin doelings are out of Maplewood Hill Top Reese and sired by Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn. Both are polled. Trixie will be our one doe retained this year. Though both does are registerable, Zyna will not be ADGA registered because sadly she has a split (“fish tail”) teat which is a significant defect in the show ring. However, she’s a sweet girl and will make a wonderful pet for someone!



Next, M3 – Elsa (left) and M4 – Frankie (right) were born on April 14. Their dam is Sundaze Farm Maizey and their sire is also Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn. Elsa is our one blue-eyed kid this year. Maizey (their dam) is not registered, so these kids will not be able to be registered with the ADGA. However, Elsa should be a good little milker like her mom or a good pet. Frankie will be wethered (castrated) and with his super-cuddley personality, he should also make a wonderful pet for someone!



Our third kidding this year produced a single doeling, M5 – Joy. Her mama is Maplewood Hill Top Candy, our herd-queen and oldest goat and her sire is Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn. Joy will be ADGA registered.



Last was M6 – Elton, a single buckling for first-freshener Sundaze Farm Cookies-n-Cream and Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn. Because Cookie is a first-freshener this year, Elton will be wethered and available to a pet home as well. Once Cookie proves herself as a star-milker and/or in the show ring, we may make intact bucks available in the future. We anticipate that Elton’s funny, floppy ears will perk up correctly in a few days. Till then, they are adorably awkward and make us love him even more!