Doggie Days JB Daisy Mae

ADGA Registered Purebred LaMancha

Barn Name: “Daisy”
Date of Birth: 3/12/2018

     SS: Welshans-Acres E Wizard
 CH Dalton’s Way WZ Jackson VEE 90
     SD: Dalton’s Way MC Jericha

     DS: *B Rockspring VALNT DOROTH Dotcom
Rockspring DCOM Taco Butters VEEE 90
     DD: Rockspring DRISE Tamale Taco V+EV 89

Daisy is a much-loved pet and the sweetest goat you’ll ever meet! We’ve chosen not to breed her because she suffered a broken leg (near her hip) and we have concerns about her ability to carry and birth kids. 

Daisy’s dam, Rockspring Dcom Taco Butters
06-06 90 VEEE

Daisy’s sire, CH Dalton’s Way WZ Jackson
02-03 90 VEE

(Thank you to Denise Leonard of Doggie Days LaManchas for permission to share these photos of her handsome buck and beautiful doe!)

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