Sundaze Farm TPF Phoebe

MDGA Registered F1 Mini LaMancha
(50% LaMancha / 50% Nigerian Dwarf)

Barn Name: “Phoebe”
Date of Birth: 05/28/2019

     SS: *B CH Bramblestone Celtic Quinn
*B Bramblestone CQ Tiger Tea
     SD: 3*M Buttin’Heads Calligraphy *D  +EEA 82

     DS: CH Mint*Leaf White Lightning +VE 85
Toadsknoll Prairie Falcon
     DD: Lucky Maple Twinkie


1st: Bred to Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn
Kidded 5/24/2020 – 1 doe (Mini LaMancha)
• M7 – Doe, “Fiona” (Sold

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2019 Albion Fair
Junior Champion, Cross-Bred Dairy (at 3 months of age)

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