Sundaze Farm Maizey

NON-Registered Nigerian Dwarf

Barn Name: “Maizey”
Date of Birth: 5/1/2017

Buckskin with white; blue eyes


19½ inches (unofficial)


2018 Albion Fair
Best Dairy Doe in Show
September 2018 as a first freshener

Linear Appraisal

None, yet!


Note: Maizey is not ADGA registered.

Maizey’s sire was not registered, and sadly I don’t have any pedigree information for him. His photo is included under the reference photos below.

Dam: Maplewood Hill Top Candy
DS: Proctor Hill Farm Palastrae *B / LA VVV 86
DSS: Proctor Hill Farm Nels Prodigy *B
DSD: SG On Firestone Creek P Palisade 2*M / LA VEEE 90
DD: Proctor Hill Farm Peppermint
DDS: Dragonfly G Mighty King Asa *B
DDD: Dragonfly ARG Mint Julep


Maizey has not completed the 305 milk test.

Kids / Freshenings

First Freshening, 6/26/2018
Bred to Hills of Highland Dornish Sun
K4 – Buck (wethered), Sundaze Farm Seamus (Sold)

Second Freshening, 3/28/2019
Bred to Hills of Highland Eyrie Moon
L1 – Buck (wethered), Sundaze Farm Harvey (Sold)
L2 – Doe, Sundaze Farm EM Dotty (Retained, later passed away)

Third Freshening, 4/14/2020
Bred to Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn
M3 – Doe, Sundaze Farm BM Elsa (Sold)
M4 – Buck, Sundaze Farm BM Frankie (Sold)

Fourth Freshening, 4/4/2021
Bred to Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn
N4 – Buck (Sold)
N5 – Buck (Sold) 

Fifth Freshening, 3/30/2022 
Bred to Critter Patch Moon Magic
P1 – Buck (Deceased)
P2 – Buck (Sold)

Sixth Freshening, TBD
See our Kidding page for details

Reference Photos

Maplewood Hill Top Candy

Reese’s (unregistered) sire, Spongebob

SG On Fireside Creek P Palisade 2*M

Reese’s (unregistered) sire, Spongebob