Sundaze Farm Maizey

NON-Registered Nigerian Dwarf

Barn Name: “Maizey”
Date of Birth: 5/1/2017

Buckskin with white; blue eyes


19½ inches (unofficial)

Maizey is the only unregistered doe in our herd. She has beautiful conformation, blue eyes, and she’s a pleasure to milk. Sadly, she just doesn’t have the paperwork to back it all up! She’s my husband’s baby and is from the very first kidding season on our farm, so she holds a special place in our hearts.

Linear Appraisal
Unfortunately, Maizey’s sire, “Spongebob” was not registered, so I don’t have any pedigree details on her sire’s side.
Sundaze Farm Maizey Spongebob
Maplewood Hill Top Candy


Proctor Hill Farm Palaestrae *B
05-04 86 VVV
Proctor Hill Farm Nels Prodigy *B SG NC Promisedland RB Bolero *B
AGS Sugar Creek MT Nellie 2*M
SG On Firestone Creek P Palisade 2*M
09-05 90 VEEE
Old Mountain Farm Palamino *B
AGS October Hill Country Charm 1*M
Proctor Hill Farm Peppermint


Dragonfly G Mighty King Asa *B


AGS Twin Creeks BW Giacomo Puccini +*B
SG AGS Twin Creeks AH Chiaroscuro 2*M
05-05 90 VEEE


Dragonfly ARG Mint Julep Dragonfly HFX Aragorn ++*B
SG AGS Flat Rocks Here for the Party 1*M
07-05 90 EEEV

First Freshening, 6/26/2018 – Bred to Hills of Highland Dornish Sun

  • K4 – Buck (wethered), Sundaze Farm Seamus (Sold)

Second Freshening, 3/28/2019 – Bred to Hills of Highland Eyrie Moon

  • L1 – Buck (wethered), Sundaze Farm Harvey (Sold)
  • L2 – Doe, Sundaze Farm EM Dotty (Retained, later passed away)

Third Freshening, 4/14/2020 – Bred to Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn

  • M3 – Doe, Sundaze Farm BM Elsa (Sold)
  • M4 – Buck, Sundaze Farm BM Frankie (Sold as wether)

Fourth Freshening, 4/4/2021 – Bred to Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn

  • N4 – Buck
  • N5 – Buck

Fifth Freshening, TBD – Bred to Critter Patch Moon Magic

2018 Albion Fair – Best Dairy Doe in Show
September 2018 as a first freshener

The Sundaze Farm Herd will be on milk test in 2022.

We hope to have our herd appraised in 2022.

Reference Photos

Maplewood Hill Top Candy

Reese’s (unregistered) sire, Spongebob

SG On Fireside Creek P Palisade 2*M

Reese’s (unregistered) sire, Spongebob