2018 marks our first year with kids being born from our own buck here on the farm. It’s very exciting to have some babies that will be registered under the Sundaze Farm name for the very first time!

Kidding season started out a bit slow, and then quickly became a whirlwind! Our first gal to kid was Candy. Her due date (145 days) was March 29. I genuinely thought she would give birth on her exact due date. Her ligaments were gone, her udder was full, her back end was swollen, and she had that “far-off” gaze. I spent the three days and three nearly-sleepless nights checking on her and waiting. She decided to hold out for Easter Sunday around 1pm to bless us with two sweet babies that all of our holiday guests got to “oooh” and “ahhh” over.

Candy is nothing if not consistent. This is her third freshening, and every single time she has thrown twins–a buck and a doe.  She also has a remarkable tendency to give birth on the first of the month, apparently. 2018’s kids were born on April 1st, in 2017 she gave birth on May 1st, and in her first freshening in 2016, the kids were born on January 2nd. (Close enough…) Candy is also an outstanding mother and a wonderful milker. I really hope someday I’ll have the opportunity to put her on milk test.

Candy's Buckling, 2018

K1 – Sundaze Farm Cadbury Cream (“Cadbury”)

Her first born this year was a buckling. We’ve pretty much settled on the name “Cadbury” in honor of his Easter Sunday birth. He’s a dark buckskin with white marks, a white poll, and frosted ears. He does not have wattles. He will be available for sale in the coming weeks.

Candy's Doeling, 2018

K2 – Sundaze Farm Cookies-n-Cream (“Cookie”)

Candy’s second born was a light buckskin doeling with a white poll and wattles.

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