Sundaze Farm Cookies-n-Cream (bred to Top Hat Farm M Bumble Quinn) delivered a lovely set of triplets in the morning on Saturday, March 27th, one day past her due date. Mama did great birthing them on her own without assistance! This was Cookie’s second freshening.

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Cookie's triplets - N3 Doeling (left), N1 Doeling (middle), N2 Buckling (right)

N1 – Doeling, dark buckskin with white poll (pictured in the middle in the photo above)
N2 – Buckling, light buckskin with white poll and wattles (pictured on the right in the photo above)
N3 – Doeling, buckskin with extreme white overlay and wattles (pictured on the left in the photo above)

Cookie with her triplets

The little doeling on the left (above) has already become a quick favorite. My husband has named her “Betty” for Betty White. 🤣 Her little face makes me think of a lamb!