It seems like almost every year, we have baby goats born on Easter Sunday. This year, I didn’t think we would. Maizey’s due date was one day before (April 3) but she wasn’t really showing any strong signs that she was close, so I was anticipating she’d go a few days past her due date. I should have known better! In past years, the does that have kidded on Easter were typically kind enough to do it first thing in the morning so I could have the rest of the day to be with the family. But not this year! Maizey decided to start pushing out kids about 40 minutes before Easter dinner, just before my parents arrived at our house.

My younger son, Myles, had just gone out to the barn to bottle feed the week-old kids, and I was scanning through the barn cams to check on everyone. Sure enough, I caught a quick glance of a “bubble” emerging from Maizey’s back end, indicating kids were on the way (or possibly already on the ground, just out of sight).

Barn cam - Maizey giving birth, Easter 2021

I leapt from my chair and went running for the barn – which of course at 24 weeks pregnant myself, is quite a sight. I startled poor Myles when I came crashing through the workroom door and told him Maizey was having her babies. Now, Myles is my more squeamish son. He’s only 7, and the sight of blood makes him pretty uncomfortable–and that’s totally okay. I asked him if he wanted to watch and he (surprisingly) said yes, so he followed me into the barn where Maizey was pushing out her first baby. Myles ran to get me a towel, and then between babies we managed to move mama and baby into the kidding stall so she could birth her second baby away from the rest of the herd.

Myles was SUCH a champ. In the past, he’d been more than happy to see the babies once they are born and cleaned up a bit, but this was his first time watching their actual births. I was relieved that both the twins presented normally and Maizey was able to birth them without issues–both for her sake, and for Myles’ observation.

Maizey's 2 bucklings, April 2021

Two boys for Maizey and Bumble! Both are buckskin with white polls and minimal white marks, and they both have their dam’s blue eyes! They’ll both be sold as wethers to pet homes when they reach around 10 weeks of age. We have quite a few people on our waiting list waiting for pet-wethers, so I have no doubt they’ll end up with wonderful homes!

Maizey's 2 bucklings, April 2021