Note: These videos are re-posted from my previous blog, Little Red Farmstead (hence the name on the title cards of the videos). I am no longer updating that site, and I thought these videos might be of interest to other goat-owners, so I wanted to share them here as well!

When I decided to purchase a milking machine, I was very intimidated by all the parts and pieces involved. I made this videos to help a COMPLETE BEGINNER (like myself, haha) feel confident ordering and setting up a system like this. You can do it!

Unboxing the Simple Pulse Milking Machine

In this first video, I go over all the equipment I purchased from Simple Pulse and show you what to expect when you unpack it all.

Assembling the Simple Pulse Milking Machine

In this video, I demonstrate that you (no matter how UNhandy you may be) CAN assemble the Simple Pulse milking system yourself!

Note: This post is not sponsored in any way by Simple Pulse. I’m just a big fan of their product as an entry-level milking machine for dairy goat owners! When I was researching the product, I didn’t find a lot of reviews or videos, so I also wanted to share my experience for others who may be considering purchasing one for their farm.

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