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Sundaze Farm, November 2021

Sundaze Farm

ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Amanda Weber & Michael Spagnolo
Edinboro, Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

Before emailing us, please take a quick look through our FAQs below. We may have already addressed your inquiry.

For questions specifically about kids or purchasing a kid from us, see our kidding FAQ.

Can I tour your farm or come play with your goats?

If you are purchasing a goat from us, we are happy to make arrangements for a scheduled visit.

Our farm is not open to the public and while we appreciate the enthusiasm and interest folks (particularly kids!) have in goats, due to biosecurity and safety (for both our animals and our guests) we do not do on-farm visits.

You’re always welcome to pull up alongside the road by our pasture to watch our goats play outdoors. Please use caution, as this is a very busy road with a passing zone. We have guard dogs on premises so we ask that you DO NOT approach the house, barn, or fence line, and please stay at the edge of the road.

We do occasionally attend shows and events locally so if you want to meet some of our herd, the best way to do so is to get on our email list and follow our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram) and meet up with us when we are out and about!

Do you have goats for sale?
Any time we have goats for sale, you will find them on our for sale page. If that page is empty, we don’t have any goats currently for sale.

If you’re interested in a goat kid, we maintain a waiting list that you are welcome to add your name to with no obligation by filling out this form.

We typically finalize and announce our breeding plans (via our website and email list) by mid-October and try to time our kiddings to take place in late-March and April. Those on the waiting list always get first choice of available kids, and if there are kids or older goats available for sale, we notify our email list and add them to our for sale page.

Do you sell goat milk?

No, we do not sell our goat milk at this time. We use it strictly for our own family.

Do you lease your bucks or offer driveway breedings?

No. At this time, we are not leasing our bucks or making them available to outside farms for breeding.

Can you help with a goat-related question?

We are always happy to help others and share our knowledge, but we are not experts or veterinarians. We’ve been raising goats for about 6 years and are still constantly learning ourselves!

We’ve created a resource page linking to some of our favorite books, websites, and online forums where we have found most helpful