Welcome to Sundaze Farm

Welcome to the home of Sundaze Farm Dairy Goats, located in Edinboro, Pennsylvania (near Erie and Meadville).

We raise ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf and LaMancha goats.

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Does or Wethers: Which Make the Best Pet?

I see variations on this question come up time after time on forums and Facebook groups: I'm new to goats and just want them for pets. I don't have plans to breed, milk, show, or use them for meat. Should I get a male or female? We can rule out one immediately: you do...

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Should You Keep a Buck? 3 Things You Should Consider

If you have dairy goats, getting them bred each year is obviously a priority. One of the easiest ways is to keep a buck (or two) on your farm. It is much easier to tell when a doe is in heat when there is a buck nearby. The behavior changes are obvious! You also have...

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4 Signs Your Goat is in Heat

If you plan to breed your goats and can't keep them with a buck for an extended period of time, it's important to be able to recognize the signs your doe is in heat. It's also helpful to identify and track their cycles so that you can determine if a doe is likely...

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Hello from Sundaze Farm!

– est. 2015 –

Our farm began (like many do) with a few backyard chickens. In just a few short years we moved from the suburbs to our Little Red Farmstead to raise our kids in the country and pursue our homesteading dreams.

Our breeding program focuses on solid conformation and milk production. Our goats are ADGA registered (unless otherwise noted) and we hope to begin participating in linear appraisal and DHIA milk testing in the future. We are also a proud 4-H family!

Enjoying the grass, 2018

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