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Welcome to Sundaze Farm

Welcome to the home of Sundaze Farm Dairy Goats, located in Edinboro, Pennsylvania (near Erie and Meadville).

We raise ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf and LaMancha goats, and MDGA registered Mini LaManchas.

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Expanding our Mini LaMancha Herd

Expanding our Mini LaMancha Herd

If you follow us on social media (and if you're not - why aren't you?!) you know that we have struggled again this year to get our LaManchas bred. Our little Nigerian Buck, Bumble, did his best but simply wasn't tall enough to get the job done. We haven't been quite...

What is the CD&T Vaccine and Why Use It?

What is the CD&T Vaccine and Why Use It?

All goats should receive a CD&T vaccine annually. But WHY? It’s important to know what diseases you are trying to prevent so that you understand why it is so important to vaccinate!Enterotoxemia or “Overeating Disease” The “CD” of CD&T refers to the bacteria...

Kidding Supplies Checklist

Kidding Supplies Checklist

As we prepare for kidding season to begin, I am replenishing our kidding kit so I’m confident we have everything we need on-hand. In the past, (knock on wood!) we’ve had very easy births and haven’t had to use most of the items in our kit. However, I like the peace of...

Hello from Sundaze Farm!

– est. 2015 –

Our farm began (like many do) with a few backyard chickens. In just a few short years we moved from the suburbs to our Little Red Farmstead to raise our kids in the country and pursue our homesteading dreams.

Our breeding program focuses on solid conformation and milk production. Our goats are ADGA and/or MDGA registered (unless otherwise noted). As of 2020, we are an ADGA Plus herd and will be participating in linear appraisal and 305-day DHIA milk testing. We are also a proud 4-H family!

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