For Sale

* Updated June 4, 2021 *


Everyone on our waiting list has been contacted and we now have a small number of kids still available. Please see our 2021 kidding page for availability and pricing.

We are currently significantly downsizing our herd of LaManchas and Mini Lamanchas, partly due to my pregnancy (due in July 2021!) and partly because we want to focus our energy on our Nigerian Dwarf herd at this time. The does below will be available in July, once our 2021 kids are all weaned and go to their new homes.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the bucks or does below, please contact us!

Casa de Tortuga Pascal


MDGA-registered F4 Mini LaMancha buck.

Pascal is a mild-mannered buck we acquired last year. He’s a nice size, large enough to breed purebred LaMancha does without trouble, but smaller and more manageable than a purebred LaMancha buck.

He’s a really hardy, easy-keeper and I’m very sad to see him go but he doesn’t really have a place on our farm now that we are re-focusing on our Nigerians.

Click here for more info/pedigree/etc. on Pascal.

Sundaze Farm PPF The One Who Knocks (“Walter”)


MDGA registered F1 Experimental Mini LaMancha.

Walter did not get disbudded on time and as a result, has his horns. He’s a rambunctious youngster, but friendly. He successfully bred our Mini LaMancha doe, Aelin, this past winter (she’s due in late June) and we’re very excited to see his offspring.

Click here for more info/pedigree/etc. on Walter.